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Free Projects

Sliding Scales

by Hilary Bobker
Sliding Scales by Hilary Bobker
79" x 79"

A typo was found that effects to points on this project. The corrected project has been put up on the website but if you have an older version, please note the following:

On first page:
34256-2 should read:
- Cut 7 strips 4" x WOF. From these cut 20 pieces 13" (NOT 12 ") long for "C" sections of border blocks.

On page 3 - Making Block B page:
- #6. Sew a white piece 4" x 13" (NOT 12 ") to the bottom of the block to make the rest of the white "keys."

July 9, 2013

The picture had a slight discrepancy from the instructions so the new picture was posted in the project to make it easier to follow. Please note.

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