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Free Projects

Delta Paige by Betty New
Delta Paige
Featuring the Essex Flannel Collection by Rosemarie Lavin Design
84 1/2" x 84 1/2"
American Pride by Betty New
American Pride
Featuring the American Heroes Collection by Whistler Studios
74.5" x 74.5"
Roseland by Betty New
Featuring the Berkshire Flannel Collection by Rosemarie Lavin Design
86.5" x 86.5"
Scrapbook Bunny by Betty New
Scrapbook Bunny
Featuring the Garden Tales Collection from Tracie Lynn Huskamp
82" x 82"
Baroque Beauty by Betty New
Baroque Beauty
Featuring the Vivaldi Collection by Whistler Studios
82.5" x 82.5"
Indigo Nights by Betty New
Indigo Nights
Featuring the Indigo Collection by Nancy Gere™
62.5" x 68.5"
Evening Rose by Betty New
Evening Rose
Featuring the Parlor Collection by Whistler Studios
78.5" x 78.5"
Poinsettia Promenade by Betty New
Poinsettia Promenade

Featuring The Mistletoe Collection by Rosemarie Lavin

74.5" x 74.5"
Stars of Valor by Betty New
Stars of Valor
Featuring the Quilts of Valor Collection by Whistler Studios
56.5" x 67.5"
Nature Inspired by Betty New
Nature Inspired
Featuring the Natured Inspired Collection by Tracie Lyn Huskamp
58.5" x 70.5"