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Free Projects

Adventures of Humpty Dumpty by Erin Witt
Adventures of Humpty Dumpty
Featuring the Mother Goose Tales collection by Jill McDonald Design
53 x 53''
Old Lady in the Shoe by Erin Witt Designs ©
Old Lady in the Shoe
Featuring the Mother Goose Collection by Jill McDonald Design
63 x 63
Playdate At the Park by © Erin Witt Designs
Playdate At the Park
Featuring the Once Upon a Storybook Collection by Whistler Studios
55" x 55"
Coffee Time by © Erin Witt Designs
Coffee Time
Featuring the Cafe Au Lait Collection by Color Bakery
50" x 50"
Home Sweet Home by Erin Witt Designs
Home Sweet Home
Featuring the Home Sweet Home Collection from Williamsburg
64" x 68"
“nursery time” by Erin Witt Designs
“nursery time”
Featuring the Kit N' Kaboodle Collection from Whistler Studios
Featuring 3 fabrics from NEW! Windham Flannel Basics
44" x 44"
My Little Pony by Erin Witt Designs
My Little Pony
Featuring the Kit N' Kaboodle Collection by Whistler Studios
54" x 54"
Autumn Leaves Placemats by Erin Witt Designs
Autumn Leaves Placemats
Featuring The Autumn Leaves Collection by Rosemarie Lavin
18" x 13"
Birds Take Flight by Erin Witt Designs
Birds Take Flight
Featuring Morning Mist Collection by Whistler Studios
66" x 66"
Falling Leaves by Erin Witt Designs
Falling Leaves
Featuring The Autumn Leaves Collection by Rosemarie Lavin
50" x 50"
Embroidered Garden by Erin Witt Designs
Embroidered Garden
Featuring The Embroidered Garden Collection by Katie McRostie for Williamsburg
63" x 63"
Adventures of Tim & Sue by Erin Witt
Adventures of Tim & Sue
Featuring Storybook 8 Collection by Whistler Studio
Midnight Elegance by Erin Witt
Midnight Elegance
Featuring fabric from the Elegance II collection by Rosemarie Lavin
Merry Mushrooms by Erin Witt
Merry Mushrooms
Featuring fabric from the Merry Mushrooms collection.
American Retro c. 1945 by Erin Witt
American Retro c. 1945
Featuring fabric from the American Retro collection.