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Free Projects

The Blue and the Grey by Jill Reid
The Blue and the Grey
67 x 67
Sideswiped Solids by Jill Reid
Sideswiped Solids
Featuring the Colonies Solids Collection by Nancy Gere
60" x 60"
Papa's Pipe Tobacco by Jill Reid
Papa's Pipe Tobacco
Featuring fabrics from the Dargate Prussian Blue fabric collection by Margo Krager
FANciful by Jill Reid
Featuring fabrics from the Empress fabric collection, c. 1870 , by Nancy Gere
WhirliGig by Jill Reid
Featuring fabrics from the Miniatures collection by Nancy Gere, c. 1886
Wild Blue Yonder Quilt by Jill Reid
Wild Blue Yonder Quilt
Featuring Dargate Cheddar Illuminations by Margo Krager
Scarlett's Web by Jill Reid
Scarlett's Web
Featuring fabrics from the Garibaldi II, 1870 collection
In the Pink by Jill Reid
In the Pink
Featuring fabrics from COLONIES ANNIVERSARY fabric collection
Nightfall by Jill Reid
Featuring Fall River by Nancy Gere (as seen in Fons & Porter Love of Quilting) Complete Kits available from Homestead Hearth.
Salmon Trails by Jill Reid
Salmon Trails
Featuring fabrics from the Colonies: Salmon & Chocolate
Family Tree, Family Memories by Jill Reid and Susan McDermot
Family Tree, Family Memories
Featuring Family Tree II with Family Tree I by Mary Koval
Squares Dancin? by Jill Reid
Squares Dancin?
Featuring fabrics from the Farmhouse West collection by L.B. Krueger
Victoria Rose by Jill Reid
Victoria Rose
Featuring Victoria by Mary Koval
Prairie Winds Quilt by Jill Reid
Prairie Winds Quilt
From the Prairie Winds Collection by Nancy Gere
Pennsylvania Scherenschnitte by Jill Reid
Pennsylvania Scherenschnitte
Featuring fabrics from the Lancaster Heritage Collection by Patti Harant
Regency Square by Jill Reid
Regency Square
Featuring fabrics from the The Centennial Collection
Elm Park by Jill Reid
Elm Park
Featuring fabric from the Colonies: Poison Green and Cheddar collection, 1830-1860, by Nancy Gere
For The Love of Jane by Jill Reid
For The Love of Jane
Created with fabrics from the Dear Jane collection by Brenda Papadakis
Chocolate Baskets by Jill Reid
Chocolate Baskets
Created with fabrics from the Pink Chocolate collection, c. 1875 by Nancy Gere
Continental Commander by Jill Reid
Continental Commander
Featuring fabric from the Valley Forge 1860-1880 by Nancy Gere
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