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Free Projects

Bring A Bib! by Hilary Bobker
Bring A Bib!
of And It Was Sew©
Featuring the Catch of the Day Collection by Pela Studios
70" x 58"
Crazy About You by Whistler Studios
Crazy About You
Featuring the I Like You Collection by Amy Sedaris
31" x 31"
Urbana by Chloe Anderson & Colleen Reale of Toadusew
Featuring the Glimma Collection by Lotta Jansdotter
75" x 87"
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner by Sue Pickering
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner
Featuring the Bon Appetit Collection by Whistler Studios
45" x 57"
Twist and Twirl by John Kubiniec
Twist and Twirl
of Big Rig Quilting
Featuring the Swirl Collection by Whistler Studios
74 1/2" x 74 1/2"
Sienna by Lisa DeBee Schiller
Featuring the Sienna Collection by Lisa DeBee Schiller
54" x 60"
From the Duck Blind by Hilary Bobker
From the Duck Blind
of ©And It Was Sew
Featuring the Outdoor Life Collection by Whistler Studios
74" x 74"
Fresh Connections by Jean Katherine Smith
Fresh Connections
Featuring the Fresh Collection by Another Point Of View
71" x 88"
Blue and Brown Nine-Patch by Julie Hendrickson
Blue and Brown Nine-Patch
Featuring the History Repeated Book 2 Collection by Julie Hendrickson
65 1/2" x 77 1/2"
Blue and Brown Flying Geese by Julie Hendrickson
Blue and Brown Flying Geese
Featuring the History Repeated Books 1 & 2 Collection by Julie Hendrickson
68 1/2" x 85 1/2"
Neat and Tidy by Jocelyn Ueng
Neat and Tidy
for It's Sew Emma
Featuring the Cream and Sugar Collection by Ampersand Design Studio
44 1/2" x 53 1/2"
American Pride by Betty New
American Pride
Featuring the American Heroes Collection by Whistler Studios
74.5" x 74.5"
Hobo Bag by Whistler Studios
Hobo Bag
Featuring the Phoebe Collection by Another Point of View
10" Tall
Virginia by Bethany Fuller
of Grace's Dowry Quilts
Featuring the Virginia Collection by Williamsburg
93" x 93"
Garden Party Cha Cha by Melissa Ybarra
Garden Party Cha Cha
and Written by Erin Schlosser of Schlosser Designs
Featuring the Hello Gorgeous Collection by Iza Pearl Design
86" x 90"
“Tea Time” by Tammy Vasser
“Tea Time”
of Marmalade Fabrics
Featuring the Cream & Sugar Collection by Ampersand Design Studio
54" x 60"
Tulips for Ashley by Bethany Fuller
Tulips for Ashley
of Grace's Dowry Quilts
Featuring the Ashley Collection by Whistler Studios
61" x 74"
Dream Big by Whistler Studios
Dream Big
Featuring the Up In The Air Collection by Whistler Studios
27.5" x 31"
Antique Notions by Jean Katherine Smith
Antique Notions
Featuring the Haberdasher Collection by Brian Haggard
57" x 57"
Sweet Delights by Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth
Sweet Delights
of Tailormade by Design
Featuring the Love at First Bite Collection by Color Bakery
Table Runner and 4 Placemats