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Free Projects

Sweet Delights by Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth
Sweet Delights
of Tailormade by Design
Featuring the Love at First Bite Collection by Color Bakery
36" x36"
Rebecca Quilt by Annemarie Yohnk
Rebecca Quilt
of Quilts Remembered
Featuring the Rebecca Collection by Mary Koval
54" x 54"
Green With Envy by Jackie Kunkel
Green With Envy
of Canton Village Quilt Works
Featuring the Day For Night Collection by Rosemarie Lavin Design
70" x 77"
Blue and Brown Star Quilt by Julie Hendrickson
Blue and Brown Star Quilt
Featuring the History Repeated Book 1 Collection by Julie Hendrickson
68 1/2" x 85 1/2"
Storybook Explosion by Whistler Studios
Storybook Explosion
Featuring the Storybook Classics circa 1930's Collection by Whistler Studios
97" x 112"
Speedway by Whistler Studios
Featuring the Retro Rider Collection by Rosemarie Lavin Design
41" x 51 3/4"
Bobo's Crazy Adventure by George and Linda Wheeler
Bobo's Crazy Adventure
Featuring the Socky Collection by Whistler Studios
48 1/2" x 66 1/2"
Flying High by Jean Katherine Smith
Flying High
Featuring the Chloe Collection by Color Bakery
75" x 75"
Typeface by Heather Jones
Featuring the Type Collection by Julia Rothman
52" x 68"
Rebecca's Lone Star by Mary Koval
Rebecca's Lone Star
Featuring the Rebecca Collection by Mary Koval
48" x 48"
Crossroads by Siobhan Rogers
Featuring the Phoebe Collection by Another Point of View
70.5" x 88"
Colonial Sunrise by Karen Witt
Colonial Sunrise
of Reproduction Quilts
Featuring the New Colonies Circa 1830-1890 by Nancy Gere
70" x 70"
Up With The Chickens by Larene Smith
Up With The Chickens
of The Quilted Button
2012 Copyright All Rights Reserved
Featuring the Down on the Farm Collection by Whistler Studios
43" x 57"
School Days by LB Krueger
School Days
Featuring the Homeschool Collection by LB Krueger
55" x 62.5"
ABC Log Cabin by LB Krueger
ABC Log Cabin
Featuring the Homeschool Collection by LB Krueger
42" x 45"
Whispers of Home by Jean Katherine Smith
Whispers of Home
Featuring the Gazebo Collection by Valorie Evers Wenk
60" x 78"
Finnegan's Big Idea by Bethany Fuller
Finnegan's Big Idea
of Grace's Dowry Quilts
Featuring the Toy Tales Collection by Melanie Dekker
65" x 55"
Baby Pinups by Jean Katherine Smith
Baby Pinups
Featuring the Baby Buddies Collection by Whistler Studios
38" x 42"
Bear Paws by Jean Katherine Smith
Bear Paws
Featuring the Cabin Fever Flannel Collection by Whistler Studios
50" x 60"
Forget Me Not (Aster Collection) by Chloe Anderson & Colleen Raele
Forget Me Not (Aster Collection)
Featuring the Aster Collection by Williamsburg