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Free Projects

Disco Fever by Natalie Crabtree
Disco Fever
66" x 66"
Forget-Me-Not by Helle-May Designs
Quilt: 47 x 47 | Pillow: 20 x 20
Telling Secrets by Wendy Sheppard
Telling Secrets
64-1/2 x 70-1/2
Nursery Friends by Natalie Crabtree
Nursery Friends
56 x 56
Cross Country by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Cross Country
52 x 68
Whale Sighting by Natalie Crabtree
Whale Sighting
63 x 77
Stormy Seas by Natalie Crabtree
Stormy Seas
65 x 69
Homestead by Wendy Sheppard
62 x 74
Denim Flowers by Natalie Crabtree
Denim Flowers
51 x 51
Line by Line by Marcia Derse
Line by Line
80 x 90
Roaming by Natalie Crabtree
68 x 68
Rainbow Waves by Natalie Crabtree
Rainbow Waves
81 x 78
Homestead Life Yardage Charts by Various Designers
Homestead Life Yardage Charts
Pottery Yardage Charts by Various Designers
Pottery Yardage Charts
Horizon Yardage Charts by Various Designers
Horizon Yardage Charts
Wish Yardage Charts by Various Designers
Wish Yardage Charts
Take Flight by Natalie Crabtree
Take Flight
65 x 65
Winter Village by Stacey Day
Winter Village
60 x 72
Skeleton Dance by Christine Stainbrook
Skeleton Dance
50 x 60