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Free Projects

Knock, Knock - Whoos There? by Heidi Pridemore
Knock, Knock - Whoos There?
67 x 67
Honeycomb (Tell the Bees) by Marsha Evans Moore
Honeycomb (Tell the Bees)
52 x 56-1/2
Bee Blossom by Diane Nagle
Bee Blossom
64 x 70
Spellbound by Wendy Sheppard
70-1/2 x 70-1/2
Flitter & Flutter by Joanna Marsh for Kustom Kwilts
Flitter & Flutter
60 x 80
Colonial Court by Char Hopeman
Colonial Court
75 x 95
Rainy Day Fun by Marsha Evans Moore
Rainy Day Fun
50 x 55
Raindrops & Rainbows by Marsha Evans Moore
Raindrops & Rainbows
48 x 57
Leaf Peepers by Wendy Sheppard
Leaf Peepers
79 x 90
Out with a Bang by Wendy Sheppard
Out with a Bang
63 x 72
Journey to Nature by Natalie Crabtree
Journey to Nature
Quilt: 68 x 69 | Pillow: 23-1/2 x 23-1/2
Baby Play & Grow by Natalie Crabtree
Baby Play & Grow
52 x 52
Happy Cats by Stacey Day
Happy Cats
50 x 50
Cat Tracks by Stacey Day
Cat Tracks
64 x 80
Tropical Dreaming by Debby Kratovil
Tropical Dreaming
46 x 46
Bird in the Hand by Wendy Sheppard
Bird in the Hand
62-1/2 x 62-1/2
Regent Street by Wendy Sheppard
Regent Street
56 x 76
Serengeti by Eat, Sleep, Quilt!
62 x 74
Globetrotter by Eat, Sleep, Quilt!
60 x 60
Milestone Mat (Jill McDonald) by Jill McDonald and Lisa Swenson Ruble
Milestone Mat (Jill McDonald)
36 x 54