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Free Projects

Trail Blazer by Heidi Pridemore
Trail Blazer
64 x 78
Market Morning by Heidi Pridemore
Market Morning
48 x 48
Farm Picked by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Farm Picked
Runner: 18 x 72 | Placemat: 18 x 14
Windswept by Diane Nagle
72 x 88
Coverlet by Wendy Sheppard
93 x 93
Sweet Melody by Wendy Sheppard
Sweet Melody
54 x 67
Floral Cluster by Wendy Sheppard
Floral Cluster
70 x 70
Crooked Path by Diane Nagle
Crooked Path
58 x 70
Nine Patch Square Dance by Wendy Sheppard
Nine Patch Square Dance
73 x 73
Under the Christmas Tree by Wendy Sheppard
Under the Christmas Tree
70 x 70
Flower Box (Botany) by Felice Regina of I am Luna Sol
Flower Box (Botany)
65 x 65
The Bird & The Pumpkin by Wendy Sheppard
The Bird & The Pumpkin
86 x 86
Scrappy Star by Wendy Sheppard
Scrappy Star
64 1/2 x 78 1/2
Midnight Watch by Diane Nagle
Midnight Watch
70 x 70