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Free Projects

Ollonais by Heidi Pridemore
Winter Greetings by Heidi Pridemore
Winter Greetings
60 x 74
Christmas Morning by Heidi Pridemore
Christmas Morning
48 x 60
Ice Cream Social Medallion by Felice Regina of I Am Luna Sol
Ice Cream Social Medallion
Cherry on Top by Ebony Love
Cherry on Top
65-1/2 x 65-1/2
Fiesta Star by Ebony Love
Fiesta Star
88 x 88
Gretchen by Debby Kratovil
58 x 58
Flower Basket by Wendy Sheppard
Flower Basket
Terrace by Stacey Day
To Grandmother's House by Wendy Sheppard
To Grandmother's House
81 1/2
Thru the Woods by Christine Stainbrook
Thru the Woods
40 x 48
Beware of the Wolf by Debby Kratovil
Beware of the Wolf
Shadow & Light by Wendy Sheppard
Shadow & Light
63 1/2
Lemoyne Star by Wendy Sheppard
Lemoyne Star
90 x 90
Flock of Geese by Wendy Sheppard
Flock of Geese
Lakeside and Landscapes by Heidi Pridemore
Lakeside and Landscapes
35 x 39
Gift of Magi by Heidi Pridemore
Gift of Magi
54 x 62