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Free Projects

Frosted Pines Tree Skirt by Stacey Day
Frosted Pines Tree Skirt
50 x 50
Festive Forest by Stacey Day
Festive Forest
55 x 66
Twilight by Diane Nagle
71 x 71
At the Movies by Heidi Pridemore
At the Movies
40 x 46
Sports Enthusiast's Pillows by Heidi Pridemore
Sports Enthusiast's Pillows
18 x 18
All Sports by Heidi Pridemore
All Sports
43 x 51
Four Winds by Heidi Pridemore
Four Winds
63 x 83
Walking on Water by Heidi Pridemore
Walking on Water
51 x 63
Dove of Peace by Heidi Pridemore
Dove of Peace
35 x 35
Spooky by Heidi Pridemore
24 x 52
Don't Cross My Path by Heidi Pridemore
Don't Cross My Path
41 x 51
Batty Mantle Scarf by LJ Simon
Batty Mantle Scarf
60 x 18
Road Trip by Heidi Pridemore
Road Trip
60 x 66
America the Beautiful by Wendy Sheppard
America the Beautiful
43 x 55
On the Open Sea by Wendy Sheppard
On the Open Sea
49 x 49
Anchors Away by Wendy Sheppard
Anchors Away
59 x 77
We Share One World by Wendy Sheppard
We Share One World
64 x 84