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Free Projects

Octopus by Josie Kate Snyder
54 x 63
Seahorses by Josie Kate Snyder
60 x 67.5
Blue Note by Casey York
Blue Note
52.5 x 61.5
How'd They Do That? by Hilary Bobker of And It Was Sew
How'd They Do That?
60 x 46
Sylvie Spins Out by Hilary Bobker of And It Was Sew
Sylvie Spins Out
61 x 61
Passage of Time by Wendy Sheppard
Passage of Time
58.5 x 68.5
Wizard's Spell by Wendy Sheppard
Wizard's Spell
49.5 x 63.5
Northern Star by Wendy Sheppard
Northern Star
67.5 x 92.5
Compass Star by Wendy Sheppard
Compass Star
57 x 77
Blue Star by Wendy Sheppard
Blue Star
94 x 94
Isadora by Diane Nagel
51 x 51
Trellis by Wendy Sheppard
81.5 x 93.5
Ascension by Wendy Sheppard
82 x 82
Deer Head Floor Pillow by Whistler Studios
Deer Head Floor Pillow
24 x 24
Fancy Flock by Stacey Day
Fancy Flock
57 x 57
Farm Babies by Casey York
Farm Babies
66 x 70
Down on the Farm by Bethany Fuller
Down on the Farm
55 x 55