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Free Projects

Just Brew It by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Just Brew It
Runner: 52-1/2 x 15 | Placemats: 20 x 15
Jamboree by Wendy Sheppard
72 x 72
In Bloom by Natalie Crabtree
In Bloom
80 x 80
All Hands on Deck by Natalie Crabtree
All Hands on Deck
54 X 54
Flower Box (Veranda) by Wendy Sheppard
Flower Box (Veranda)
46" x 60"
Fields From Above by Natalie Crabtree
Fields From Above
54 x 54
Earth Tones by Natalie Crabtree
Earth Tones
66 x 72
Earl Grey by Wendy Sheppard
Earl Grey
54-1/2 x 65-1/2
Birds in the Woods by Natalie Crabtree
Birds in the Woods
59 x 63
Bedford Springs (Camilla) by Wendy Sheppard
Bedford Springs (Camilla)
44-1/2 x 57
Science Beakers by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Science Beakers
Quilt: 52" x 58" | Pillowcase: 30" x 20" | Throw Pillow: 16" x 16"
Morning Star by Marsha Evans Moore
Morning Star
66 x 84-1/2
Sparkle Quilt by Sew Can She
Sparkle Quilt
72" X 66"
Lead the Way by Natalie Crabtree
Lead the Way
48" x 48"
Mohawk Trail by Natalie Crabtree
Mohawk Trail
40 x 40
Starry Dreams by Joanna Marsh
Starry Dreams
55 x 66
Refract by Tamara Kate
59 x 68
First Kiss by Wendy Sheppard
First Kiss
77 x 89
Curiosity Pillow Set by LJ Simon
Curiosity Pillow Set
Pillows: 18 x 18