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Free Projects

Coryn Gardens by Hilary Bobker for And It Was Sew
Coryn Gardens
52 x 70 or 78 x 96
Coryn's Mosaic by Char Hopeman
Coryn's Mosaic
57 x 75
Coryn Flower Basket by Lisa DeBee Schiller
Coryn Flower Basket
45 x 54
Star Crossing by Diane Nagle
Star Crossing
76 x 81
Glass Bottom Boat by Wendy Sheppard
Glass Bottom Boat
66x 71 3/4
Aquarium by Wendy Sheppard
45 x 65
Zoo by Heidi Pridemore
64 x 80
Petting Zoo by Wendy Sheppard
Petting Zoo
55 1/2 x 79 1/2
B is for Bear by Wendy Sheppard
B is for Bear
64 x 88
A is for Alligator by Whistler Studios
A is for Alligator

65 x 85 1/4
Garden Path (Sunrise) by Stephanie Sheridan of Stitched Together Studios
Garden Path (Sunrise)
Featuring the Flora collection by Kelly Ventura
64 x 80"
Night Lights by Stacey Day
Night Lights
Featuring fabric from the Artisan Cotton collection.
52 x 52
A Great Notion by Stacey Day
A Great Notion
Featuring fabric from the Snippits collection by Sara Fielke.
44" x 44"
Button Up! by Stacey Day
Button Up!
Featuring fabric from the Snippits collection by Sara Fielke
49" x 49"
Springtime by Mary Elizabeth Kinch
Featuring the Modern Country collection by Mary Elizabeth Kinch 
72'' x 72''
Bird in Tree + Three by Mary Koval
Bird in Tree + Three
Featuring the Tree of Life collection.
40 x 40
Irish Chain  by Mary Koval
Irish Chain
Featuring the Tree of Life collection and the Palampore.
90 x 112
Tribal Treasures by Heidi Pridemore of The Whimsical Workshop
Tribal Treasures
Featuring the Trading Post collection by Whistler Studios 
60 x 78''
Aunt Alice's Stars by Stephanie Sheridan of Stitched Together Studios
Aunt Alice's Stars
Featuring the Carmen c.1840-1875 by Nancy Gere
70 x 70''
Pinstripes and Pinwheels by Char Hopeman
Pinstripes and Pinwheels
Featuring the Chambray Rose collection by Nancy Gere
76 x 96''