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Dinara Mirtalipova

Dinara Mirtalipova’s work is unique and on-trend, with a crafty, homemade aesthetic that harkens back to the decade of the 1970’s, when Dinara herself was a small child who liked to “doodle”. She has since graduated from doodler to consummate artist and entrepreneur, and she’s watching her client list constantly grow to include: Alphabet Bags, Disney Hyperion, Johnson & Johnson, Kleenex, The Land of Nod (a division of Crate & Barrel), Oh So Beautiful Paper, and Windham Fabrics. 

The Land of Nod says of Dinara, “She’s developed an incredibly recognizable style of art and illustration...” From small iPhone cases and Christmas ornaments to floor rugs and life-sized plush characters, Dinara’s folksy, hand-crafted vision brings heart and whimsy to a growing array of inspired products.

Swim Team is Dinara's first collection with Windham Fabrics.

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