Kim Andersson

Kim Andersson is an Aussie artist living in California. She is also a Graphic Designer who has a passion for pattern, textiles and surface design.


Five years ago when she moved to San Francisco from Sydney. Australia, Kim was in awe of all the fabulous fabric and pattern available here. Blessed with a new baby that slept, she bought a sewing machine and started to sew again. It was through wonderful modern quilting fabrics that her passion for pattern was reignited.Yes, her fabric stash is under control....well....sort of.

Kim loves quilting and really enjoys the learning and camaraderie of being part of the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild. She has recently progressed from making lap sized quilts to making king sized quilts, but thinks she is going to meet a longarm for those!

Kim's pattern style is probably best described as Retro/Modern calling from the best of the past with modern design aesthetics.

Each collection tells a story and follow her blog you'll see the stories come to life.

P.S. Kim may be addicted to hexagons

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